LED Apšvietimo juostelės 13 lempos SamSung 40"TV D2GE-400SCA-R3 UA40F5500 2013SVS40F UE40F6400 D2GE-400SCB-R3 UE40F5000 UE40F5700

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Manufacturers sell, need a lot of products, please contact customer service consultation wholesale price!!!Advantages of LED backlight High brightness up to 700 nits

Long service life, usually lasting more than 100000 hours

Save more energy

Wide range

More environmentally friendly

Easy to install features: 100% brand new!

The strip length is fixed and cannot be cut.

Size: 832mm

Number of LEDs: 13 LEDs (8 + 5)

Voltage: 39V (24-15) Lamp circuit: 13 series 0 parallel

Single lamp voltage: 3V 1 set = 2 pieces (1 piece is 528mm 8leds + 1 piece is 324mm 5leds)

Package includes 7 sets (14 pieces) Compatible TV models: UA40F5000AMXAA UA40F5000AMXHC UA40F5000AMXSQ UA40F5000AMXXD UA40F5000AMXXY UA40F5000AMXZW UA40F5000ARLXL UA40F5000ARMXL UA40F5000ARSEC UA40F5000ARXEG UA40F5080AJXXZ UA40F6100ARXSJ UA40F6800ARSRY UE40F6100AWXXN UE40F6100AWXZF UE40F6100AWXZG UE40F6105AKXXE UE40F6130AKXRU UE40F6130AKXUA UE40F6170SSXTK UE40F6170SSXZG UE40F6200AKXKZ UE40F6200AKXRU UE40F6200AKXUA UE40F6200AKXXU UE40F6200AWXXC UE40F6100AWXXH UE40F6100AWXXC UE40F6100AWXUZ UA40F6800ARXEG UA40F6800ARXUM UA40F6800ARXXT UA40F6800ARXXV UA40F6800ARXZN UA40F6800DKXXT UE40F6100AKXKZ UE40F6100AKXRU UE40F6100AKXUA UE40F6100AKXXU UE40F6100AKXZT UE40F6100AWXBT UE40F6100AWXTK UE40F6200AWXXH UE40F6200AWXXN UE40F6330AKXUA UE40F6340SSXTK UE40F6340SSXZG UE40F6340SSXZH We rely on our reputation and customer satisfaction to achieve success.So your feedback is very important to us.If you are satisfied with our products and services, please leave us good feedback.

  • Ilgis: 832mm
  • Modelio Numeris: UE40F5300 UE40F6800 UE40F6510 UA40F5000 UE40F6650 UE40F6200 UE40F6500
  • Tipas: LED apšvietimas
  • Sertifikavimo: ce
  • Elemento Tipas: Kamuolys
  • Produktų Statusas: SANDĖLYJE
  • Kilmės: KN(Kilmės)
  • Kištuko Tipas: ES plug
  • Plokštės dydis: 40"
  • Įėjimo Įtampa: 39


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