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Manulieb | 2021-05-05

I asked for it is fine. The very long delivery time. I had to reorder it by making a $0,08 payment, which is not money, but paying to fix something I am not responsible for, because it seems very wrong to me. The seller has not had any details, when it is their competence to give good service. Very disappointed.

1 / 5

Janik Kg 88 | 2021-02-02

very food seller,good communication and deliver fast nice to make business with you and hope to make orders again

5 / 5

M Maiconzago | 2021-04-03

Everything is OK! Good seller!

5 / 5

Julieketjn | 2021-03-15

Great Store! I had minor problems with the goods. Wrote to the store. They solved the problem in my favor. It is very nice to have this attitude to the buyer. Thank you!

5 / 5

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